My favorite female Minneapolis tattoo artist: Ayako Junko Osaki

I don't have any tattoos, but if I were to ever get one, June is the first tattoo artist on my list. She has amazing line work and she has an interesting style. Of the many adorable creatures that she creates, she lets us view the inside and outside of the body. It's cute and edgy at the same time, just how I'd describe June.

June is a tattoo artist at 4 Points Body Gallery on Chicago Avenue S. & 38th in Minneapolis. Check out their website for more work done by her and other 4 Points Body Gallery artists.

*self inflicted tattoo*

June sketching a tattoo for Zane (below).

Nice back Ginny!

We Saved Sandstone

This weekend, I was torn between doing the Scardy Cat alley cat race or go to a benefit put on by the Minnesota Climbers Association to save Sandstone's bouldering area. It was a hard decision because dressing up in costume and racing though the city is a great time, but I had the chance to compete last year and there seems to be a race every weekend. 

This year, I did the opposite and camped out in the woods. There was much to do, but I felt relaxed for once; I am in the woods, I don't need to do anything! The day consisted of climbing, trying to walk the slack line, drinking beer, ticket raffling, hiking, meeting new climbers, hanging out by a fire, watching a movie on the rocks a pancake breakfast and of course, taking pictures. I had such a busy year that I didn't have much time to get out of town, so I'm glad I did before it got too cold. I even got to wake up to the first snow of the season and Sandstone was saved. 

If you are ever in Sandstone, and need something to nosh on, I recommend Amy's Country Cafe. They have pretty cheap eats and interesting decor.