Playing with light with Zane Spang

I met Zane Spang through my friend Dennis (from previous blog post) a couple of years ago. He was taking pictures at the Cloak Ox show at the Loring Theater and we only talked for a few short minutes and quickly he vanished. He would later come back into my life when he moved from Saint Paul to Minneapolis, which would explain why I never ran into him. I started seeing him climbing at Vertical Endeavors and we would just wave hello. 

I didn't really start hanging out with Zane until the day after the windstorm hit the town and blew many of the big trees down. We both lived in the Powderhorn Park neighborhood, so naturally we set out to explore the neighborhood with camera in hand. We spent some time biking around, climbing the fallen trees and taking snap shots of the natural disaster. That day I discovered that we had a lot more in common than I knew. We are both photographers, baristas, climbers, explorers, partiers and bikers. Ever since then we've been pretty close friends. 

I wanted to make this post about Zane because he is really cool and a really amazing photographer and a very thoughtful person. Also, sadly he is moving away from Minneapolis, so there will be a a going away party where he will be exhibiting and selling his photographs tomorrow night. That's Saturday, December 7th, come say hello and celebrate: details here. Also check out his work here: Sure Dude.