Home Decor Styling by Kristi Hunter

Kristi was looking for a photographer to collaborate with, so I answered her call. She works as a visual merchandiser at a fashion shop, but she's more into home decor. She lives in a cute little loft in downtown St. Paul, loves to collect vintage things and rearrange them in a pleasing way. So she asked me to come and take some photos. I eventually presented my photographs to her and she did some more styling. The pictures below are from two different days of shoots, so some of the objects may appear more than once, but styled in a different way. Check her website here and her blog out here.



Mark Chaudhary said...

Very tasteful.


terese williams said...

I fell in love with your ideas! I can't wait to start redecorating my home in avondale apts.

jeanne evans said...

When I was still in apartments for rent st louis park, I recycle used milk bottles and turn them to beautiful home decors, which I sell online.

carol mcgyver said...

These days, recycling is one of the best ways to get cheap, personalized home decor for your home.Glad you shared this.

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