Constellation: A Backyard Art Expedition

Memorial Day Weekend held the event, 'Constellation: A Backyard Expedition'. 'This show focuses on back yards and garages, showing art as an integral part of our daily lives, neighborhoods, and self-made communities'. I spent some time with my friends Amanda, Issac and Lucy while we frolicked to various yards in the Powderhorn neighborhood. Unfortunately, I was only able to make it to a few of the sites. If you were not able to make it at all, please enjoy some pics of the event below.

The above images are taken from Non Solo, Zine Apothecary,  Lacey Prpic Hedtke, Debbie Rasmussen, ceramics made by Margaret Coleman.

Donated stitchery for Jenny Jenkins' tree cozy.

FREE WALL for graffiti at Jim's Roofing
Chalk Wall for kids
'Expansive Fields #10' by Nick Howard

'I'll Be With YOu When The Deal Goes Down' by Kevin Loecke

Films by Trevor Adams in the Garage Cinema

Back Yard Brewing with Alex Batzenheimer and Matt Englestad


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