We Saved Sandstone

This weekend, I was torn between doing the Scardy Cat alley cat race or go to a benefit put on by the Minnesota Climbers Association to save Sandstone's bouldering area. It was a hard decision because dressing up in costume and racing though the city is a great time, but I had the chance to compete last year and there seems to be a race every weekend. 

This year, I did the opposite and camped out in the woods. There was much to do, but I felt relaxed for once; I am in the woods, I don't need to do anything! The day consisted of climbing, trying to walk the slack line, drinking beer, ticket raffling, hiking, meeting new climbers, hanging out by a fire, watching a movie on the rocks a pancake breakfast and of course, taking pictures. I had such a busy year that I didn't have much time to get out of town, so I'm glad I did before it got too cold. I even got to wake up to the first snow of the season and Sandstone was saved. 

If you are ever in Sandstone, and need something to nosh on, I recommend Amy's Country Cafe. They have pretty cheap eats and interesting decor.


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