The Many Faces of Dennis Conrad

I've known Dennis for many years, we met through our mutual friend Josh. Josh was moving away to Nashville and was like, 'you have to meet my friend Dennis he's an artist, you're an artist, you'd get along really well'. I wasn't sure if he was trying to be a match maker, but some time went by and we started hanging out and became really good friends. I'm sure, I would have eventually meet him through our many similar interests, but who knows, I'm glad we met when we did. 

Dennis is a modest and out going guy. He spends a lot of time in a charming little room, which he created in his basement. It is a very colorful space, which matches his fashions. I admire him for his regular practices as an artist. He has stacks of painted canvases and stacks of sketchbooks with drawings full of faces. He has stacks of skateboards which he uses as his canvas, in fact he draws and paints on what ever he's inspired by, it just seems to spill right out of his imagination. 

Dennis has toured around the country with Martin Dosh, selling his artwork at shows and does live paintings. He has designed many posters for Dosh and other bands around town. He also has a massive record collection, so he spins records around town. Check out his work on flickr and contact him if you have any questions.


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